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About Pride Bakers

A new leaf in the annals of Mayura Group, Pride Bakers Pvt.Ltd, a huge, full fledged commissary is augmented in 2011 to produce premium fresh bakery products catering to the needs of “Mayura Bakeries”, “Cakewala” and “The Cake Shop” bakery chain, besides some Key accounts based in Bangalore including Chain of Café Coffee Day, Barista, PVR Cinemas in-house eateries to mention a few.

What more impetus a customer needs than to savor hygienically prepared & safe bakery goodies that are served fresh each passing day in an outlet.

In addition to already existing successfully run enterprises of Mayura Group, viz... .’Cakewala’, ‘The Cake Shop’, Mayura Bakeries, Good Bread Limited (Branded ‘Today’s Fresh Bake’ products), Pride Bakers can cater to the bulk and fresh bakery products at vantage point outlets located elsewhere in Bangalore.

Intact with all food safety standards stringently followed and most updated recipe line instilled in the commissary, Pride Bakers can always be handy in serving society better, through well groomed dedicated personnel at its disposal.

A word about the Chief Promoter & Directors

Gopadi Srinivasa Rao:

Raised from a humble background, the chief promoter of the enterprise, Sri G.Srinivasa Rao first ventured out in Cuddapah (AP) in his early teens and very soon, started a small bakery set-up which today stands out in mammoth proportions. Deriving cue from stupendous success, he sensed the business is here to stay put and decided to go on vertical expansion in And around Bangalore with effervescent business acumen and apparition by updating himself to visit global F & B exhibitions throughout the world to adapt latest processing technology in his all futuristic endeavors. Since then he’s never looked back. Innovative European style ‘CAKEWALA’ see through bakery line is one such wonderful example of what an indomitable insight he holds for the upcoming generation.

Role of key men @ Commissary Mahesh Hathwar, Gopalakrishna & Ashwini Kumar:

All these men at helm of affairs in the commissary virtually hold aces up sleeve while implementing each one of Sri.Rao’s vision into reality, deriving joy in redefining the whole exercise of innovative business opportunities while getting into the skin of the situation. All born again hard working tough task masters and virtually on toes each moment form backbone of most ventures Mr. Rao undertakes and love working backstage unlike most basking for the occasion. Meticulousness and keen eye into detail hold whole project intact since primitive stage and work overtime to cement loose ends wherever possible, managing available financial resources well within limits, being the single most reason behind how strongly Pride Bakers has come of age by weathering many a storm in honest ways thus far, despite running many impediments.